Charlie Sheen (#Winning) [Single]


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released July 22, 2011



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BFO STRANGE’US is a hip-hop/r&b/rap group from Atlanta, GA. The group consists of five friends who met at Georgia Southern University. After realizing their mutual love of producing music BFO decided to make a mark in this new age music scene. BFO's music, which is largely self-produced and self-written is unique and stands out amongst the rest. Listen for yourself and see why... ... more

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Track Name: Charlie Sheen (#Winning)
All I do is win, I’m on my Charlie Sheen/ Shawty wants to be down with the team/ That’s why she’s calling me/ DJ play my music, ladies steady choosing/ When I hit the club ok you know I’m never losing/ Boy I came, I saw, I swag, I turn up/ I came, I saw, I swag, I turn up/ I came, I saw, I swag, I turn up/ Turn up, what’s happening/

(Verse 1)-Jay El

I-I-I came opps
cold than a mug // two scoops
fresher than a mutha-what
pockets on swoll like Bruce Bruce
in ya girls ear like bluetooth
for them cocoa-puffs
can’t get enough // so I let the top off like new coupe
who-who do like-like you do
you entice me with yo voodoo
ridin sulo, I mean solo
call me dolo // not Lebron // but call me Frodo
cuz i’m bout dem rings bitch
bout them wins (winds)
throw that money in the fuckin air bitch and ima sell (sail)

(Verse 2)-Felix St.Cool

I got my kicks on-
And my glitz on-
I spit that shyt and I rinse on ‘em-
I shyts on ‘em-
Put fists on ‘em-
Hear dope beats throw fits on ‘em-
Like -Beeum-
Hoes turn they heads -DAYUM-
Cool dat Nicca- Swagg like Jigga-
Keep hoes comin’ cause I keep hoes cummin’
Gone twerk sum’n-
Cap D comin’-
Y’all light jog we track team run it-
Down ‘til we die my squad 300-
Haters in the wing they thought we’d plummit-
Mad they mid we purp, we plum it.
High Scorers-
Catch up - Y’all hot heads - but no match up –
Sales Clerk shawty nigga gone and straighten your racks up.

(Pre Hook)
Ok, I’m winning in the morning, winning in the evening/ Winning all week, boy I’m winning every weekend/ Winning in your city boy I win in every region/ Yea that North (hey), South (hey), East (hey), West Swag

(Verse 3) Sammy Ives
Beats knocking steady, Turn up like some veggies/
Before set go spaghetti, simply means I’m ready/
The burden ain’t to heavy, the crew here’s fairly new/
True so a chance to stunt on you can’t pass it up, Alley-hoops/ Now, ragging and a roasting is something I rarely do/ But if you’re the bomb and you’re sky high then tell me why you barely blew/ Right, so make way for them new guys, swagger looking too fly/ Hope you’ve paid attention wait oh yea and did I mention shawty

(Verse 4)-J-Mizz

All I do is win, all I do is swag. Wake up in the morning say my prayer and then I swag. Head for the door, slap my girlfriend on her ass. told her ill be back, im finna go get this cash, so you can get yo nails yo hair done too. Buy yo self some brand new shoes. Call yo girls ill call my crew. We can have a rendez vous. At the club go VIP. Pour up drink up then repeat. Patna who you kidding im duh…winning.